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14 Chinese Conversation Starters + Bonus Tip

Imagine a beautiful Chinese or Taiwanese girl walks past you and smiles.  You want to talk to her, but…


1. You have no idea what to say🤔

2. You are concerned about the language barrier 😅

3. You worry about her rejecting you 🥵


As a result, you let the opportunity slide, and regretfully continue with your day. 

Sound familiar?

Then this guide is perfect for you 👇   




THE #1 most common mistake guys make ...

Lots of guys think they need to do this when they talk to local girls, but it's a big mistake.

how to avoid instant rejection ...

By following the steps in the guide, you will reduce your chances of getting instantly rejected.

the best way to start a conversation ...

Dating coaches living in China and Taiwan, have found this type of conversation starter to work best.

A secret tip ...

Find out the bonus tip at the end of the guide to eliminate this common mistake.

Meeting a Taiwanese girl at Taipei Station during Chinese Dating Mastery

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