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Social proof

A Huge Mistake Guys Make on Dating Apps in Asia

Zero social proof (no pictures with friends)

Social proof


When observing my student’s and other guy’s dating app profiles in Taipei, I often see:


1. Professional photoshoots.


2. High-status pictures of travel and luxuries such as watches.


3. Pet or hobby pics.


However, I am often appalled about how many profiles lack pictures showing that they have friends and a social life!


Pictures with friends give her unconscious insight into how others react to you. “He’s a leader”, “people respond positively towards him”, and “girls are comfortable around him”.


These are desirable traits to women and simultaneously demonstrate your lifestyle!


Asia is primarily a group culture (and in terms of meeting strangers, a “risk-averse”), so acceptance into a community and how others respond to you is enormous.


To take this further, you can add a social proof picture with girls acting positively towards you (known as pre-selection) to indicate that women like you and are comfortable around you.


See Dan Blitzarian and Michael Sartain’s IG profiles for examples of how this works.


If you need help structuring your dating app profile and find it super frustrating and want some guidance. Let’s get on a call (no charge).

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