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Am I Attractive in China and Taiwan? What can I do?

Recently, I’ve been receiving questions about what is attractive in China and Taiwan. For example: How are bald men treated in Asia? Are freckles considered ugly in China and Taiwan? How do the Chinese react to fat people? Do Chinese girls like fat guys? Is Taiwan the same?

In this video, I’ll be talking about what an attractive man looks like from a Chinese and Taiwanese perspective. After you watch this video, you’ll know what the ideal handsome guy looks like in China and Taiwan, and questions you have such as dating in Taiwan dating in China if one is bald or has a shaved head will be answered.

You’ll know what the beauty standards are here. When I first started living in China and Taiwan and dating in China and Taiwan, local guys would say to me “it’s easy as a white European handsome man”.

This made me feel like there might be something wrong with me, because despite comments like “white people are perceived as more attractive” I was completely unsuccessful with local girls. Even if a girl gave me a small smile; if I said hello, it would generally be super-awkward, or the language barrier would be too much.

That’s when I realised, the desires of women are not the same as men. Their attraction switches are different from ours. Men focus more on appearance; however, appearance isn’t everything for a girl.

Other factors come to play when determining if you are attractive in China and attractive in Taiwan. Some of my larger friends who plan to work over here worry about if they are attractive in China and Taiwan or not. They want to know more about living in China as an American, or as a foreigner in Taiwan.

They asked me if being fat seen as a good thing in China and Taiwan or if fat guys are discriminated against in China and Taiwan. They would even google “what does fat mean in Chinese”, just in case a local might say it to them.

After you watch this video, you’ll know more about why you shouldn’t worry so much what it feels like to be a fat guy in China and Taiwan. After you watch this video, if you’re interested about dating in china, but still worry about how Chinese people view people of Indian origin or what is it like being black in china and Taiwan; this video might change your perspective a little bit.

Learn more about Taiwanese and Chinese girls dating foreigners, and what they like by subscribing to this Channel. The most important thing about this video is that when it comes to dating in China and Taiwan you shouldn’t worry about being ugly in China and Taiwan, as a lot of other factors are attractive in China and attractive in Taiwan too.

Struggle with the language barrier in China and Taiwan? Want to talk to local girls but don’t know how?

By James Charme

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