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Andrew Tate Jail

Andrew Tate and how Cancel Culture affects dating

Andrew Tate and how Cancel Culture affects dating


Happy Chinese New Year!


This is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now. How Cancel Culture personally affects us (men) when meeting and dating girls.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Andrew Tate and how he’s currently detained and under investigation.

Andrew Tate Jail

For a long time, examples of this “silencing of opinions we don’t like” have been growing.


Guys who give honest self-improvement advice (especially dating) to other men get attacked by mass media.


Almost every dating coach has been hunted online at some point in their careers,


even the holy saint Todd V Dating (remember when Pewdiepie made that video?)


Here are a few prefaces I have to make:


  1. I don’t believe these attacks on “male role models” are a conspiracy theory. I feel it’s a natural shift in public attitudes.
  2. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Everything until then is just an accusation.
  3. People who commit crimes must face justice.


As the world becomes more connected, I believe society is becoming socially conditioned into behaving “less honestly” due to an irrational fear of being shamed.


Men are slowly becoming increasingly scared about interacting with women, such as approaching, complimenting, asking for contact details, making a move etc.


Out of fear of “getting into trouble”.


How does this affect you on an individual level?


Just be aware that this shift in attitude is occurring, and remember that you’re doing nothing wrong by being a man!


If you want to approach, then approach!


If you are respectful and give value, no one cares if you talk to her or not.


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