Can't get a hot local girlfriend?

Tired of relying on dating apps and social media for dates?

Have you ever had these challenges when meeting girls in China and Taiwan?

How to get a taiwanese girlfriend

Who am I?

I’m James, a foreigner who specialises in Mandarin based “pick up”. I have real-life experience from my six years of living and coaching guys in China and Taiwan.


I help busy men improve their dating life, so they don’t waste precious time on blind trial and error.


My mission is to help men become Mr Right for their dream girl in China and Taiwan. This means they can date and have a relationship with a girl of their choice instead of out of desperation.


But I wasn’t always good with girls… when I first arrived in East Asia, I absolutely bombed.

I SUCKED at dating in China and Taiwan:

Here's what I tried that didn't work

Myth #1: Just be white/ foreign.

Sure, being a foreigner who can speak a bit of Chinese helped me a lot when getting some initial curiosity for local girls; however, I began to rely on “being different”. This dependence later caused me to get lazy and resulted in a plateau in my dating results:

Chinese Dating Mastery approach - cold chinese girl on her phone

Myth #2: Western dating advice also works in the East

Meeting a Taiwanese girl at Taipei Station during Chinese Dating Mastery

Back in the UK, I learnt the pick up lines from Youtube, such as “I thought you were cute, so I had to say hi otherwise, I’d regret it”.

This “opener” worked fantastic back home in London. 

It was simple, honest and meant I could approach without overthinking. 


After arriving in Asia, I would pick up Chinese girls using this line in English and Mandarin.


Sure, sometimes it would be great on local girls. However, it depended entirely on if she was very Western-minded and open to small-talking with strangers.

Generally, most girls in China and Taiwan would think I’m either socially awkward, a player, or selling something if I said this conversation starter.


I began to understand that Western dating advice made me look confident, but it HAD to be culturally adapted to the East; otherwise, I would come across socially unaware and awkward.

Myth #3: Go out as much as possible and use dating apps

Going out night after night and using dating apps helped me reach a certain degree of sexual success in China and Taiwan. I felt proud about becoming a guy who could date a few girls in rotation.


This learning process also built up my experience and confidence with women, eventually leading to even more dates.  


Ultimately my dating results massively plateaued. Increased success meant my schedule became too packed with “going out” and dates with girls that I didn’t like much.  


I no longer had much time, energy and money to focus on developing myself and my lifestyle. Dating cute Chinese girls in rotation had just become an ego trip and a distraction from focusing on becoming a high-value man who could date the hottest local girls.

a successful approach in Taipei with Chinese Dating Mastery programme

I was frustrated and ready to quit…

After years of grinding, I felt myself getting older and wanted to sort out this area of my life as soon as possible. I was tired of wasting my time on blind trial and error. 


I began to humble myself and work smart by learning from guys who were getting better results than me in Asia. Guys such as David Bond.


Over years of observing them, getting coached by local mentors and trying to understand why what they did worked and then mimicking, I FINALLY took my results to THE NEXT LEVEL.

I finally mastered and understood the process of dating Chinese and Taiwanese girls.

Meeting a Taiwanese girl using Chinese Dating Mastery

A friend came to me for help. These were his results after 3 MONTHS

Friends began to notice the change in my behaviour and results. When they asked me for advice on dating in Taiwan for foreigners, I noticed that they had almost identical dating problems that I originally had.


After sharing EVERYTHING I learnt from my years of absolutely grinding and learning from others:

  • They understood the entire process of picking up Taiwanese and Chinese girls.
  • They were able to generate many leads and have lots of dates with quality women.
  • They could now date hotter girls than ever before. 


That’s when I realised I was on to something huge! Information that could change a man’s dating life and happiness forever!

Therefore, I present to you...

Chinese Dating Academy

The ULTIMATE comprehensive video guide on meeting, attracting and dating women in Mandarin-speaking regions and cultures—for example, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Did you know that speaking Mandarin at the wrong time will massively backfire?

Suppose you use Mandarin to start your conversations. In that case, most local girls are not expecting it and therefore are not fully listening.

Most girls who are interested in dating foreigners can speak English anyway. Plus, you’re probably much better at flirting in English than in Mandarin.

You can suddenly use Chinese if she doesn’t understand what you’re saying. Being able to switch languages when required keeps your ability to speak Mandarin a surprise and feels more natural. 

Approaching and meeting a taiwanese girl sitting down

Did you know it's better to pay for girls on dates in China and Taiwan?

Meeting a model in Taipei

Splitting the bill when dating Taiwanese and Chinese girls is culturally rude and means you don’t want to meet again or just want to be friends. 

Food and drink here are relatively inexpensive, so the last thing you want to do is come across as a financially struggling student.

Most girls here are unconsciously looking for a stable partner who can “take care of her” and provide for a family in the future. This stable feeling is called 安全感.

So subtly indicating that you can take care of her if necessary makes some local girls unconsciously feel secure.

Did you know that small talk is weird here? If you approach a girl without doing this one thing, she will automatically think you're a scammer.

If you approach in the daytime in China and Taiwan, you MUST be very clear about why you’re talking to her and that you know it is a bit “random”.  

You must be more direct and empathetic than in an English-speaking country (where small talk is typical).

Simply showing social awareness and acknowledging that approaching strangers here is uncommon will massively help her relax and open up.

If you don’t do this, she’ll think you’re selling something or working for a recruiting agency, and you’ll get back-to-back rejections.  

Introducing myself to a Chinese girl I just met

How Chinese Dating Academy will benefit you

Who is this guide PERFECT for?

Chinese Dating Academy is perfect for men with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and success:

Men who want to work remote and move to Asia

They desire to live in the centre of a large city and work hard on their passion.

Background in S.T.E.M jobs

As a Post-Graduate in Civil Engineering, I relate best with other engineers, programmers, doctors etc.

They love to learn about new cultures and languages.

They want to explore with a cute local tour-guide.

Motivated to grow in the local dating scene

Those motivated to grow into the ultimate version of themselves - an International Lover

Previous experience with Mandarin speaking girls

Men who are familiar with girls from a Chinese culture or background.

Guys already getting SOME results

Men who already approach and take action, but are frustrated about not getting the desired results.

How is Chinese Dating Academy different to other video courses?

Here's why Chinese Dating Academy is a great deal!

If you want to save money and put in the time and energy to learn by yourself, then you can.

There are a lot of guys out there who do that, including my old self.

Or… you can play it smart and save THOUSANDS of hours of your own time and energy by learning from others.

Thousands of unnecessary mistakes and rejections.

Meeting the girl of your dreams but then getting turned down by her because you didn’t have the knowledge.

What's Included value
Being able to see a cute girl and approach
Knowing what to say and do
Falling in love and starting a family
Taking control of your life, instead of a backseat
Having a role model to motivate you out of that 9 to 5 job and move to Asia.
10 hours of content (35 videos)
Infield examples
Destroy your approach anxiety in China and Taiwan - Video course
How to date the hottest girls in China and Taiwan - Video course

Chinese Dating Academy Total Value =

$400 US Dollars

Today's actual price is a one time payment of

only $197 US Dollars!!!

Here's what else you get if you sign up before May 14th 2023.

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

"How to get results in China and Taiwan even if you're not handsome" video course.

“This won’t work for me because ______________”… insert excuse here, “I’m bald, fat, my height, my skin colour, my nationality”.


I’ve heard these excuses over and over and over when it comes to dating in China. In the past, I also told myself excuses such as “I’m not rich” and “I’m too skinny”.


In this bonus video course:

"The Chinese Dating Academy 90-day step-by-step action plan"

This guide is action-based.  Instead of just watching the videos, the Chinese Dating Mastery 90 day programme will aid you on implementing the information.  

The "How to flirt Effectively in Mandarin Chinese" eBook

The language barrier is probably the BIGGEST obstacle to results when approaching and going on dates with local girls – boring conversation and not knowing what to say!

Here's why there's no risk

I realise that buying a product is a significant financial investment,


and you might be unsure if Chinese Dating Academy deliver the results you want…

That’s why I am offering a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from your day of purchase.

If you’re unsatisfied with the course, just contact me telling me the reason why, and you’ll get your money back

30 day money back guarantee

Why you need to take action ASAP

30 day money back guarantee

Listen, you’re getting older, so taking action now is essential to avoid missing more opportunities to meet and date your dream girl.

The one who could have become your future partner. The one who could have become the future mother of your kids. 

Remember that mainstream society doesn’t want you to have this guide.  

They try to silence any man who gives genuine self-improvement advice to other men.  They want you to stay plugged into overpriced dating app subscriptions and the Hollywood/Netflix “woke” narrative. They want you to be a passive little good boy.

Just look at the following:

  • David Bond (slanderous media attacks)
  • Andrew Tate (jail)
  • Tom Torero (dead)

As a result, I am unsure how long this guide will be available to you because it gets cancelled by woke keyboard warriors with dyed pink hair. So don’t delay signing up! 

Here's an extra bonus if you sign up within the next 24 hours…

  • 00Days
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“How I left my boring office job in the UK to live in China and Taiwan and how you can too” eBook.


Perhaps you also want to work remotely, learn Mandarin Chinese and move to Asia? Do you want to live in the centre of a large city and work hard on something you’re passionate about? Do you want to learn about the culture and explore with a hot Chinese girl to show you around? Are you craving adventure, but something is holding you back from taking the leap?


In this eBook, I share the mindset and preparation I had to make to leave my Civil Engineer office job in London and immigrate first to China, then Taiwan and start my own business as a dating coach. I did it, and so can you. 


30 day money back guarantee

So if you sign up TODAY, here's everything you'll receive

Chinese Dating Academy Basic

For those curious
$ 97
  • Chinese Dating Academy Course
  • Infield Videos
  • How to get results even if you're not handsome - video course
  • 90 Day action plan - ebook
  • Idiot's guide to learning Mandarin fast - ebook
  • How I left my office job in the UK to live in China and Taiwan - ebook

Chinese Dating Academy Pro

For those captivated
$ 147
  • Chinese Dating Academy Course
  • Infield Videos
  • How to get results even if you're not handsome - video course
  • 90 Day action plan - ebook
  • Idiot's guide to learning Mandarin fast - ebook
  • How I left my office job in the UK to live in China and Taiwan - ebook
  • Destroy Approach Anxiety in China and Taiwan - video course

Chinese Dating Academy VIP

For those commited
$ 197
  • Chinese Dating Academy Course
  • Infield Videos
  • How to get results even if you're not handsome - video course
  • 90 Day action plan - ebook
  • Idiot's guide to learning Mandarin fast - ebook
  • How I left my office job in the UK to live in China and Taiwan - ebook
  • Destroy Approach Anxiety in China and Taiwan - video course
  • How to date 10/10s in China and Taiwan - video course

Because I’m still an up-and-coming coach, I am currently offering the course for WAY under the market value. So you’ve done an excellent job of finding me.

After selling the first 50 copies of Chinese Dating Academy video course, I will consider removing the Early-Bird discount and some bonuses. The bonuses have been top-rated, and I’m considering charging them as individual video courses and eBooks. So get this special bundle while it’s still available. 

So you now have two options to choose from…

Imagine you take action today and find a 温柔 caring, feminine girlfriend with the long-term potential to become your wife.

She comes from an exciting culture and is intelligent, loyal and adventurous.

She has beautiful eyes and long black hair, dresses well and has good skin and body care. You fall in love together and make each other incredibly happy long-term. 

You have fun, special memories and romantic moments with a stunning local girl. That’s probably what drove you to the dating scene and why you’re still listening to me RIGHT NOW. 

You can be the man you desire

On the other hand, you can continue to NOT commit to the grind, stay home, masturbate and play video games. You don’t pursue your dream girl, therefore, miss the opportunity, and she ends up dating a different man—the guy who did take action. 

Instead, you date a very stubborn, negative woman who was never really your type. You eventually get trapped together due to social pressure, loneliness, marriage, mortgage and kids.

Remember that one day when we’re old, we all reflect back on our lives and think, “did I give this life my 100%?”.

The choice is yours. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

Student Success Stories


  • I realise that coaching is a significant financial investment, and you might be unsure if I can deliver the results you want…

  • That’s why I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the course.  

  • Just contact me letting me know why and you’ll receive your money back.
  • Chinese Dating Academy’s bonus “90 Day Action Plan” is designed to be applicable even in your home country.
  • The aim of this is to prepare you in advance of your trip.
  • That means you can begin taking action and applying the information so you’re ready to hit the ground running.
  • Tired of praying she’ll match you?
  • Had enough of girls’ blasé behaviour because they have an abundance of choice?
  • Sick of the waiting time between replies?
  • Want to stop getting cat-fished?
  • If yes, then Chinese Dating Academy is perfect for you.
  • Approaching is crucial because you are more in control, stand out, and can interact naturally.
  • Sure, there are some differences in local women’s reactions if you look ABC (American born Chinese) VS European, for example.
  • Starting conversations in Mandarin may be more effective than English, due to her first impression of you.
  • She may expect you to behave more similar to local guys in terms of paying on dates.
  • But once you get beyond first impressions, the interaction is the SAME. Just a man interacting with a woman.
  • Remember that your appearance, and understanding the language/culture is NOT enough to attract your dream girl!
  • You still need to develop your game, social status, appearance and actually take action (approach).
  • Unlike men, women are attracted to more than just appearance.
  • Confidence, social skills and social status are equally if not more attractive than looks.
  • If you’re ready to stop playing victim and play the cards you’ve been dealt, then check out my “How to get results even if you’re not handsome” bonus video course.
  • Movies, story books and TV have conditioned us to believe that “the one” (our dream partner) will just magically appear in our lives.
  • The REALITY is that, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” – Seneca.
  • When you encountered your dream girl, she probably will NOT be instantly attracted to you. She will be desirable to many and have a lot of options.
  • You will still have to be the one who initiates the conversation.
  • You will still have to stand out from all those other guys, in order to get her attention.
  • That is where Chinese Dating Academy comes in.
  • Chinese Dating Academy will prepare you for your dream girlfriend, by developing your social skills, social status and cultural understanding in Chinese speaking countries.
  • If you cannot approach women at all due to anxiety, then Chinese Dating Academy is NOT for you!
  • The most important thing is that you already have the courage, inner game and discipline to see girl who you like and talk to her.
  • If you can interact with girls, then you can apply the infomation in the course and improve!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad at talking to women. If you can approach and apply the information, then you will overtime you will probably get better results. 
  • Watching this course alone is not enough!  You need to take action.
  • My passion is working with intermediates one-on-one, to help them to advance their game to the next level.
  • I work with their individual aims and help them to overcome their unique sticking points, when meeting local women.
  • If you are already getting some results with girls, but not the results that you desire, then Chinese Dating Academy is perfect for you.


Chinese Dating Mastery is based on the success that I and my students have achieved. 

Repeating the same results are not 100% guaranteed.