Want a hot Chinese / Taiwanese girlfriend who will make you feel happy?

Western guys who like meeting Asian girls often have these SAME problems...

Who am I?

Hi, I’m James. 


I’m a foreigner based here in Taiwan and  China.

I help Western men to meet and date Chinese speaking girls. 


I push them and provide critical feedback on making better, more consistent approaches


so that they can eventually find a girlfriend and perhaps future wife.

Before I moved to China and Taiwan, I THOUGHT that I'd be very popular with local girls...

I originally believed that I would be very attractive to Chinese and Taiwanese women.

“Asian girls like foreign men”, I’d heard.


When I eventually did move to the Far East, I found out the hard way that…

this WASN’T entirely TRUE. 

The problems I encountered with local girls:

I felt unable to become the man that I wanted to be.

A socially free man who could approach…


…and then date the girls that he truly desired.

Despite these obstacles, I persisted relentlessly for years...

I made countless solo approaches…

The street, shopping malls, bars and clubs etc, in China and Taiwan.

I received THOUSANDS of rejections. Some of them were very demoralising and painful.

Some very embarrassing.

I consistently analysed and learnt from my results and failures when meeting local girls.

I spent countless hours studying Mandarin Chinese.


Built my confidence through going to the gym 


and improving my fashion.

Meeting a Taiwanese girl at Taipei Station during Chinese Dating Mastery

I wasn't improving fast enough...

Although embarking on this mission alone taught me self-reliance

the prolonged growth curve frustrated me.

I could see the benefits of paying for a coach,

but they seemed a little expensive and often weren’t in my city.

At the same time,

I also thought that paying for their online coaching wasn’t worth it compared to face-to-face.


I didn't believe that a coach could help me

I didn’t believe that an “expert” could guarantee the results I desired.

Eventually, out of boredom and frustration

of doing everything solo,

I began to seek wingmen in China and Taiwan to go out and meet girls with.

One thing repeatedly astonished me though...

Despite me doing game for years,

most of the wingmen I met would STILL be better than me.

What I had learnt through years on my own, they had learnt faster by studying the latest

dating courses and products.

I began to understand that some social skills are hard to apply

without having a role model from which to imitate and learn from.


I finally humbled myself and started learning from others

But I still WASN'T getting the results I wanted!

I was now learning faster than ever before

due to studying others, but I still wasn’t achieving my desired results.

I was still unable to attract the girls that I wanted to date.

The problem was

I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong when meeting Chinese and Taiwanese women.

I just needed guidance!

I needed advice catered to my unique situation! 

MY motivations and sticking points!


I began to see the value of spending my money to improve my happiness and save time.


When I went back to the UK to visit family,

I paid a dating coach to teach me one-to-one in London,

which helped to iron out some of my sticking points.



I started to see myself as a product I could invest in.

A product that I could invest in and improve over time.

Although the coaching helped me a lot; the programme was only a one day course,

leaving me to feel “unfinished”.

Western girls were also the focus of my mentor’s advice, not Asians.

Therefore the knowledge was difficult to apply back in China and Taiwan. 

I felt I was becoming the man I wanted to be.

My Taiwanese girlfriend

A friend came to me for help.

A friend noticed my improvement

and came to me for advice on meeting local girls.

He’d already dabbled in learning dating skills before but just needed a bit of guidance.

He was an “overly nice guy”, limited in locations where he could approach women.

He could meet girls sitting next to him in workspaces,

coffee stores and parties,

but not locations where he felt like he might “bother her”.

For example, girls walking somewhere, shopping or “looked like they were waiting for someone”.

I decided to help him by meeting up weekly,

giving live demonstrations and holding him accountable.

These were his results after 3 MONTHS coaching...

James was here in-person to give me live feedback on the spot... It was helpful having a third party saying "you should have done this", "good job on that"...

Jay L

Internet Marketing

I realised that I could make a difference.

My student was able to learn in 3 MONTHS, what took me 5 YEARS.


That’s when I realised

I could prevent others from making the same errors I had made:


My mistakes:

Not Valuing My Time

I decided to save my money instead of my time. This meant I grew too slowly.

Not Learning From Others

My ego prevented me from humbling myself and learning from experts.

I wanted to summarise

my whole experience of YEARS learning game
in China and Taiwan into one digestible course.


But I DIDN’T want it to be the traditional weekend bootcamp

that I had done in London

I wanted it to include multiple sessions, homework, and rest periods to apply that week’s lesson. 

Therefore, I present to you...

Chinese Dating Mastery

Chinese Dating Mastery is a 12 session,

weekly coaching programme that teaches you

EVERYTHING from the approach to the date and more with Chinese-speaking girls. 

Week 1: Foundation

Eliminate unattractive behaviours and lifestyle factors that damage results.

Week 2: Opening

The most effective ways of starting conversations with local girls.

Week 3: Cold-reading

What to say immediately after starting a conversation.

Week 4: Improvisation

How to create interesting conversation in the moment without planning.

Week 5: Hooking

How to get her attention after trying to start a conversation.

Week 6: Premise

How to flirt effectively despite a language barrier.

Week 7: Evaluating

How to get her to chase you, instead of you chase her.

Week 8: Narrative

Creating a romantic storyline between you both.

Week 9: Closing

She likes you. Now you just need the right mindset to make it happen.

Week 10: Following-up

How to message girls in a high value way. Dating apps and social media.

Week 11: Dates

How to have succesful dates and instant dates in China and Taiwan.

Week 12: Advanced Game

How to attract and date your dream girl. The mistakes you are making.

Week 12: Advanced Game

How to attract and date your dream girl. The mistakes you are making.

Here's why Chinese Dating Mastery is excellent for you

So how is this different to what you've already tried?

Most dating coaches and products

teach men how to meet and attract Western girls using English.

Those bootcamps are typically “verbal skills” (verbal game) based and are dependent on

both of you communicating fluently.

What happens when there is a language barrier, and her culture is completely different to yours?

A culture where it is VERY unusual to talk to strangers in the street

without a good reason.

Adjusted Uniquely to Chinese Speaking Girls

Chinese Dating Mastery focuses uniquely on Chinese speaking girls.

12 Weeks Instead of One Weekend Bootcamp

This is not the traditional 3 day bootcamp. It's 12 weeks to guarantee better results.

Subcommunication Instead of "Verbal Game"

You will develop the ability to meet, interact and date women despite a language barrier.

One to One Coaching Instead of Group Coaching

I focus on my students 1-on-1, to work on their personal sticking points and unique aims.

Learn Mandarin and Chinese Culture

I understand the local culture, I know Mandarin, and I will train you to do so, as well.

Dream Girlfriend Instead of just One Night Stands

This course is not just about "bangs". I will help you to find love.

Here's why it's a great deal!

If you want to save money

and put in the time and energy to learn by yourself, then you can.

There are a lot of guys out there who do that, including my old self. Or… you can play it smart

and save THOUSANDS of hours of your own time and energy

by learning from others.

Thousands of unnecessary mistakes and rejections.

Meeting the girl of your dreams but then getting turned down by her

because you didn’t have the knowledge.

What's Included value
12 Week course
One to one mentoring instead of group coaching
Holding you accountable
12 Week homework sheets, tasks and marking
Live demonstrations
Microphone recording analysis
Style consultation
My personal contact details to ask me questions
2 Post graduation follow up calls
Post graduation goal setting guide and road map
Years of time saved
Preparation for when you encounter your dream girl
Become the man you truly want to be

Chinese Dating Mastery Total Value =

$15,300 US Dollars

Today's price is

Much lower than this!!!

Lets schedule a call and talk about it 👇

Here's why there's no risk

I realise that coaching

is a significant financial investment,

and you might be unsure if I can deliver the results you want…
That’s why I am offering

a FREE COACHING SESSION before you decide to enroll,

and a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from your day of purchase.

Click on the button below to arrange a quick free call with me

or my team.

If you are suitable for enrolling in Chinese Dating Mastery,

we will arrange a free coaching session.


30 day money back guarantee

Free Trial Session

Sign up now to apply for a free trial session before you decide to enroll or not.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Money back if you're not satisfied with your results within 30 days of purchasing.

Early Bird Price

Get the Early Bird offer now, before I raise the price to the market rate.

Chinese Dating Mastery Online

Get Coached Remotely
  • 12 Weekly 1 on 1 online sessions
  • 12 Week Homework Sheets
  • Style Consultation
  • Post-Bootcamp Roadmap
  • Exclusive Alumini FB Group
  • Two Graduation Follow up Calls
  • Microphone Recording + Feedback

Chinese Dating Mastery

Classic Face-to-Face Coaching
  • 12 Weekly 1 on 1 in-person sessions
  • 12 Week Homework Sheets
  • Style Consultation
  • Post-Bootcamp Roadmap
  • Exclusive Alumini FB Group
  • Two Graduation Follow up Calls
  • Microphone Recording + Feedback
  • Live demonstrations

Chinese Dating Mastery Pro

Face-to-Face Coaching With Infield
  • 12 Weekly 1 on 1 in-person sessions
  • 12 Week Homework Sheets
  • Style Consultation
  • Post-Bootcamp Roadmap
  • Exclusive Alumini FB Group
  • Two Graduation Follow up Calls
  • Microphone Recording + Feedback
  • Live demonstrations
  • Infield Recording + Feedback

Final Note

When you’re an old man

looking back on your life, what moments do you think you will be proud of,

and what do you think you’ll regret?

Do you think you will regret investing in yourself, taking action, having fun times and falling in love?  

No, of course not. 


So if you’re ready to begin the new chapter of your life NOW,

click on the button below.
From there, complete the short application

and I or my team will contact you within 72 hours. Speak to you soon. 👇

You can be the man you desire



  • I realise that coaching is a significant financial investment, and you might be unsure if I can deliver the results you want…

  • That’s why I am offering a FREE COACHING SESSION before you decide to sign up or not.

  • In addition, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your progress.  

  • Just click on the button below to apply for the programme.
  • The course is 12 weeks to provide you with a rest and implementation time between sessions, to maximise your results
  • However, yes we can complete the 12 sessions in a faster time!  Just let me know your schedule during our call.
  • Click the button below to apply.
  • Chinese Dating Mastery has a remote learning option for those who are not currently in the area.
  • The online option is equally comprehensive, however the only thing missing is the live demonstrations.
  • For a much cheaper price, I will still hold you accountable to approach and give you feedback on your microphone recorded interactions.
  • Just record yourself with a mic when you approach in your city.
  • Apply for the remote option below. 
  • In principle this is fine, if you actually follow through with eventually getting coached.
  • The problem is, the majority of people who say “I’ll do it later” NEVER get round to taking action.
  • Therefore their life situation never improves.
  • Being coached online offers many benefits such as a lower price, developing self-reliance, remote learning, and improving life situation immediately rather than delaying.
  • Sure, there are some differences in local women’s reactions if you look ABC (American born Chinese) VS European, for example.
  • Starting conversations in Mandarin may be more effective than English, due to her first impression of you.
  • She may expect you to behave more similar to local guys in terms of paying on dates.
  • But once you get beyond first impressions, the interaction is the SAME. Just a Western man interacting with a local woman.
  • Remember that your appearance, and understanding the language/culture is not enough to attract your dream girl!
  • You still need to develop your game and approach.
  • Unlike men, women are attracted to more than just appearance.
  • Confidence, social skills and social status are equally if not more attractive than looks.
  • If you’re ready to play the cards you’ve been dealt, then click the button below to apply for coaching.
  • Movies, story books and TV have conditioned us to believe that “the one” (our dream partner) will just magically appear in our lives.
  • The REALITY is that, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” – Seneca.
  • When you encountered your dream girl, she probably will NOT be instantly attracted to you. She will be desirable to many and have a lot of options.
  • You will still have to be the one who initiates the conversation.
  • You will still have to stand out from all those other guys, in order to get her attention.
  • That is where Chinese Dating Mastery comes in.
  • Chinese Dating Mastery will prepare you for your dream girlfriend, by developing your social skills, social status and cultural understanding in Chinese speaking countries.
  • If you cannot approach women at all due to anxiety, then Chinese Dating Mastery is NOT for you!
  • The most important thing is that you already have the courage and inner game to see girl who you like and talk to her.
  • If you can interact with girls, then I can critique your skills and push you to the next level.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad at talking to women. If you can approach, then I can help you. 
  • Click now to apply.
  • My passion is working with intermediates one-on-one, to help them to advance their game to the next level.
  • I work with their individual aims and help them to overcome their unique sticking points, when meeting women.
  • If you are already getting some results with girls, but not the results that you desire, then Chinese Dating Mastery is perfect for you.
  • Click now to apply.


Chinese Dating Mastery is based on the success that I and my students have achieved. 

Repeating the same results are not 100% guaranteed.