You are currently viewing Interviewing Asia Dating Expert Redpole Q – the ORIGINAL dating coach
In this video I interview Asia pickup expert - RedpoleQ

Interviewing Asia Dating Expert Redpole Q – the ORIGINAL dating coach

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0:00 – Introducing RedpoleQ
2:25 – What made you come to Asia?
7:25 – Winning a scholarship to Sapporo, Japan
10:25 – Originally sucking with girls
17:25 – Started getting results
20:25 – The results weren’t enough
26:00 – Slow mind-shift led to mindblowing results
31:00 – Some dating advice doesn’t translate to Japan.
36:00 – Why people are scared of talking to strangers
38:00 – Going out a lot in Japan
43:00 – First students
46:00 – Being an entrepreneur in Japan
1:01:00 – Couch surfing and coaching across Asia
1:07:00 – Settling in Taiwan to work on the marketing
1:09:00 – How do Taiwanese compare to other Asian girls?
1:12:35 – Skin color & results in Asia
1:18:30 – Taiwanese VS Western dating
1:22:30 – Plans for the future
1:31:30 – Money, stability, showing wealth and social circle in China and Taiwan
1:33:30 – Eastern girls VS Western
1:38:30 – Is living as a dating coach long term a happy life?
1:43:30 – What defines a happy relationship
1:46:30 – Competition in Taiwan
1:50:00 – How to contact RedpoleQ

In this video, I interview Redpole Q from Asia Dating Expert and Pickup Asia. In this video, we discuss his incredible story, how to meet Asian women, dating Japanese women, dating Korean women and dating in Taiwan. What this video now, if you want to understand and know more about how to get a Korean girlfriend, how to get a Japanese girlfriend, or Taiwanese girlfriend.