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living a non mainstream life

The beauty of living a NON-MAINSTREAM lifestyle

Living an Alternative Lifestyle VS the Mainstream

Yo, what’s up, guys. I wanted to share a quick story about Living an Alternative Lifestyle VS the Mainstream. A lifestyle that is against the traditional “grain”.

What do I mean by that?

While growing up, most people are subject to social conditioning on how they should live their lives. When in school, children listen and do what their parents want. Eventually, they grow up, and most are pressured into university. After that, they feel the need to get a comfortable 9 to 5 office job, where they go on one big vacation a year and a few mini trips. Not long after, they get married and have a mortgage and kids. This is the traditional “stable” lifestyle.

In fact, many of these people deep-down crave to chase their dream and do something else. Go on an adventure and do something crazy. Live the life they actually want to live.

This reminded me of when I was living in China.

I once travelled to a tiny village town in the mountains near Lijiang (Kunming Province) and randomly met two Canadian guys. Of course, because this was the middle of nowhere in a Chinese mountain town, I curiously approached them and asked, “Yo, what are you guys doing here?”

They casually said that they were studying nearby. I asked the two foreigners, “Yo, so what do you study?” They replied, “Kung Fu.”

So two adult men were living in the Chinese mountains on a student visa to study Kung Fu. They were living every young boy’s fantasy.

I found it a fantastic little example of not living the typical life. They were not compressed by social pressure: “I have to study this finance degree and then get a safe job in an air-conditioned office. I will live my dream at the weekends and after I retire.”

Despite “the norm “, these kung fu students were doing what they wanted to do, which I found liberating.

I could deeply relate to their dream chasing.

For a long time, I wanted to be… and now am a dating coach for men. I’m out here in Taiwan, living quite a different lifestyle. Many people close to me, including my parents and ex-girlfriends, would imply, “Yo, when’s this phase going to end? When will you get a “real” job? You’re never going to make money from this.”

My point of this article is that you don’t have to fit other people’s narrative of a happy life. Even if those people are very close to you.

Just be you and do what you want to do.

Even if your business or dream “isn’t a success” (lol, what does that even mean?), you will feel satisfied as long as you try. You will find bliss in being congruent to yourself.

James Charme



The beauty of living a NON-MAINSTREAM lifestyle.

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