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I had lots of anxiety approaching Chinese girls: "Maybe they don't speak English"

I had lots of anxiety approaching Chinese girls.

“It’s hard to find a good in-person coach in China, so I found that online coaching was a good way to get help.

I had lots of anxiety about approaching Chinese girls: “Maybe they don’t speak English”.

“Maybe they might freak out about getting approached” I would tell myself.

It was frustrating because I think Chinese girls are gorgeous, and not being able to connect or talk with them was frustrating on a daily basis.

Just going out and not taking action, felt like I’m wasting my time.

Sometimes you can’t really find a lot of expats in China who are interested in going out and meeting people. China is a really unique place with unique challenges.


I really wanted a coach who kind of understands that perspective.

Not just some guy who’s a pickup coach in America, who doesn’t understand what it’s like dealing with language problems or cultural problems I wanted somebody who’s been through it.

With James and Mandarin Dating Mastery, I felt like we definitely moved in the right direction. I was confused and frustrated when I first reached out to James.

I knew the result that I wanted, but I wasn’t getting it.

I tried to just force myself to get there, but I just couldn’t.

I think working with James and coming up with a strategy to have clear plans to meet those targets really was helpful. It’s probably something that somebody can’t do by themselves, or would be very difficult by themselves.

James has a really good knowledge of inner game roadblocks that somebody might come across. I think that’s something Mandarin Dating Mastery can offer to somebody new, who’s just moved here or is really interested in Asian cultures, and doesn’t know how to navigate those problems.

If you really want to have a good dating life in Asia or China, and you’re not getting it, I think working with somebody like James can help you out meet those goals, and come up with a clear plan of action.”

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