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The 4 reasons why youre not dating your dream girl in east asia

How the language barrier...

is the fastest way for your dream girl to get bored of talking to you.

How the wrong mindset...

makes your dates boring; causing her to stop coming out.

How not getting feedback...

wasting time, making the same mistakes.

Why lacking accountability...

makes you likely to give up on finding love.

Chinese Dating Mastery approach - cold chinese girl on her phone

Who am I?

How to get a taiwanese girlfriend

Hi, I’m James.

I went from being clueless about meeting and interacting with girls to dating girls “out of my league”.

My newfound social skills eventually led me to date, my dream girlfriend.

Now I help other men to meet and date girls in China, Taiwan and East Asia.

I understand what it feels like to struggle with the local language and culture and therefore feel frustrated.

I used to get rejected left, right and centre.

Now I push my clients to make better, more consistent approaches and provide critical feedback so that they can eventually:

If you can relate to any of this

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