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The 4 reasons why youre not dating your dream girl in east asia

Why not knowing how to flirt over the language barrier...

is the fastest way for your dream girl to get bored of talking to you.

Why the wrong mindset on the first and second date...

disappoints your dream girl; causing her to stop coming out to meet you.

Why not getting a 3rd person's perspective...

means you keep repeating the same dating mistakes with local girls without realising.

Why not having expert accountability...

makes you more likely to long-term fail and give up on your dream girlfriend.

Chinese Dating Mastery approach - cold chinese girl on her phone

Who am I?

How to get a taiwanese girlfriend

Hi, I’m James. 

I went from being absolutely clueless on how to meet and interact with local girls, to dating models. My new-found social skills eventually led to me happily dating my dream girlfriend.  

Now I help other men to meet and date Mandarin / Cantonese speaking girls. 

This is important because a lot of guys struggle with the local language and culture and therefore feel frustrated.

They get rejected left, right and centre.

I push my clients to make better, more consistent approaches and provide critical feedback so that they can eventually:

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