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how to travel with a chinese taiwanese girl

Advice on traveling with a Chinese/ Taiwanese girl. You NEED to know this!

How to travel with a Chinese/ Taiwanese girl.

Yo, what’s up, guys. I want to share advice on how to travel with a Chinese and Taiwanese girl. This problem has kept coming up for me. I’ve often encountered various cultural problems when travelling with a Chinese or a Taiwanese girl.

It depends mainly on each person’s personality; however, the culture here requires more planning when travelling than in the West. For example, you might need a complete schedule of where you’re going to go, what you want to do. The timetable includes how to get there. This can be a cultural shock for Westerners. Well, I don’t know if it’s just for how I was brought up. But I feel like we don’t like to over-plan because that kills the fun of travelling. (Again, it mostly depends on individual personalities. Some local girls are more chill.)


Even if you are a foreigner here, the masculine role is expected to lead.

Suppose she is constantly leading you around (even though it’s her country, her language). In that case, it can cause problems in your masculine-feminine dynamic. It can cause you both to feel uncomfortable and stressed.

Of course, those negative feelings will be directed at you. And from experience, this caused a lot of arguing and problems travelling like on this trip.

My advice to you is if you’re going to travel with a Chinese or a Taiwanese girl, ask her, “where do you want to go”? And then you say where you want to go, agree on some places. I learned this from Serpentza. On the first day, take it in turns. One day, go to your sites. Another day, go to her places, take it in turns by day, and have a schedule.

Another point I want to mention is a huge food culture (which I neglected). For me, the important thing is to see the tourist sites such as Anping Castle in Tainan. For me, that’s the most important thing. I would just eat whatever was on the way for breakfast. But the culture here is they want to eat something special. That caused an argument.

You need to go and search for special food to eat on the way. Even if you are not from this country and it’s her language, you still have to lead to some degree. Yes. If I was to go back, I would agree with her. The places you want to go, you arrange how to get there and what time. The places I want to go, I arrange how to get there and what time, take turns day by day. Don’t forget to include the food. Cool. Enjoy the trip with us in the video below!

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